What’s on at Sunflower House…

The Sunflower House week is a mix of regular events and a few special sessions from time to time.
Here are some of the main activities on offer… do check in with us for updates or more information.

You can send us a contact message from this link

  • Sunday

    Folkestone Repair Cafe on the second Sunday each month
    Ukrainian Community School (closed session)

  • Monday

    BKK Karate (Seniors session)

  • Tuesday

    Action on Homelessness meals project
    Ukrainian Community School (closed session)

  • Wednesday

    Forward Trust addiction support service (closed session)
    BKK Karate (Juniors session)

  • Thursday

    Action on Homelessness meals project

  • Friday

    Sunflower CoffeeHouse/Warm Welcome session all morning;
    includes free snacks; free WiFi;
    wellbeing activities; Hypertension Hero blood pressure advice
    Art therapy workshops (closed group)
    FPAC Theatre workshop

  • Saturday

    BKK Karate (family session)
    C3 – Creative Community Crafts (2nd and 4th weeks of the month) open to all

Every Friday from 0930 to 12:30 we open up for Sunflower Warm Welcome.
You can drop in for a cuppa and hot snacks,  find out what’s going on, get some friendly advice or to join our growing number of SFH volunteers.
Activities include a free session of gentle exercise and mindfulness provided by our friend Marketa as part of her mission Walking with Markie
We have games, bookswap and free wi-fi if you fancy somewhere different to work!

Ask for help or Offer to help” is the basic idea (but you really can just come for a cuppa and get warm if you want to!)

Sunflower House organises community workshops – often with our partners – alongside the activities by our regular SFH user groups.

Our Sunflower personal development workshops have included:

  • First Aid
  • Makaton sign language
  • Who Me? (personal development)
  • Folkestone Repair Cafe (every second Sunday)
  • Self Defence for girls & young women
  • Well being walks
  • Money matters advice sessions
  • Cooking on a budget

And… we’re planning more: if you have a great idea, please get in touch!

Sunflower House key community programmes:

The Town Sprucer Project:

The Folkestone Town Sprucer project is run by the Sunflower House team. The project is well known for “Making Folkestone Better”, by cleaning, clearing and tidying the environment from one end of town to the other.

The programme provides opportunities for people who may need support for a number of reasons: we offer our volunteers training, advice and personal development.

You can volunteer or get in touch using our contact form on the Get Involved page

Folkestone Performing Arts Centre

Folkestone Performing Arts Company [FPAC] is our resident theatre group!
Longer term, the team are planning a small, independent venue for performing artists [professional & non-professional theatre-makers, dancers, musicians, etc]
FPAC supports three main strands of work:

  • professional training workshops for performance craft and programmes to create new work for audiences in Southeast Kent.
  • weekly community theatre workshops
  • writing development programmes

FPAC is rapidly becoming a creative force at the heart of our community, inspiring locals of all ages to take creative risks to shape the future and stir social change.

We are proud to host FPAC at Sunflower House.

Centre of Refugee Education Support

Sunflower House supports a number of opportunities for refugees who live in our community, wherever they may come from. We offer meeting and workshop space and proudly welcome the Ukrainian Community School as one of our family.
The idea of CORES is simple: a place which provides learning and development for those who have had to leave their home to seek a new life.

We are all of us inextricably linked by the common thread of humanity.
If we break it, we are all undone
Source Unknown.

We are proud to be supporting the Action on Homelessness team who provide amazing meals for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

They are at Sunflower House on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, serving up from around 12:15.
If you would like to help them with donations or volunteering, message us and we will gladly pass on your details.